Monday night–Gratitude

August 31, 2009 ladawp

Got home this afternoon, exhausted after two days of solid ministry, but feeling so good in my spirit. If there were one word to describe how I’m feeling tonight it would be to say I am humbled…. humbled to be a part of the work of God– our Creator, our Orchestrator, our Designer, our Comforter and Counselor. I know I’m just a small fish in His great big pond and that’s the way I want it. I don’t want any more responsibilities than I already have. Just let me continue to be a part, Lord! Just to know that one is in the middle of the will of God is all it takes to be a happy person!

I’m also feeling grateful tonight for this wonderful husband God has given to me in our golden years. I would have no ministry to speak of were it not for him. I tell the girls who so desperately want a husband: Just wait–PLEASE wait–don’t settle for just anybody who comes along! Wait for God to send you His choice, because it will be His best, and you will be so happy! I wrote about “Our Love Story”  in my book MAXIMUM VICTORY, and I love telling it….I love remembering it…I love this man, this husband, this pastor, this man of God!

I’m thankful tonight also, remembering lives that have been touched, hearts that have been healed, and souls that have been saved. Not because of me, but because of our God! And who He is! and HOW He is! He is ever faithful, my friends, always there, and He will never refuse anyone who comes to Him, He hears every cry!

I am also grateful for all my friends all over this globe! Not just people who “say” they’re friends, but friends who are tried and true and who I can count on to be there should I ever need them. I love my friends so very much! I’ve never been one to really show myself friendly but still–in spite of that–God has seen fit to fill my life with friends.–

Well, I’m off to bed. Going to prop myself up on fresh white pillows and snuggle under my fluffy white down comforter, the ceiling fan gently whirring….Martha curled happily at my feet…a good mystery in my hand and tea at my fingertips. Who can ask for more!? I’m just going to crash for awhile. Write more later! Love you!


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