Monday night–Gratitude

Got home this afternoon, exhausted after two days of solid ministry, but feeling so good in my spirit. If there were one word to describe how I’m feeling tonight it would be to say I am humbled…. humbled to be a part of the work of God– our Creator, our Orchestrator, our Designer, our Comforter and Counselor. I know I’m just a small fish in His great big pond and that’s the way I want it. I don’t want any more responsibilities than I already have. Just let me continue to be a part, Lord! Just to know that one is in the middle of the will of God is all it takes to be a happy person!

I’m also feeling grateful tonight for this wonderful husband God has given to me in our golden years. I would have no ministry to speak of were it not for him. I tell the girls who so desperately want a husband: Just wait–PLEASE wait–don’t settle for just anybody who comes along! Wait for God to send you His choice, because it will be His best, and you will be so happy! I wrote about “Our Love Story”  in my book MAXIMUM VICTORY, and I love telling it….I love remembering it…I love this man, this husband, this pastor, this man of God!

I’m thankful tonight also, remembering lives that have been touched, hearts that have been healed, and souls that have been saved. Not because of me, but because of our God! And who He is! and HOW He is! He is ever faithful, my friends, always there, and He will never refuse anyone who comes to Him, He hears every cry!

I am also grateful for all my friends all over this globe! Not just people who “say” they’re friends, but friends who are tried and true and who I can count on to be there should I ever need them. I love my friends so very much! I’ve never been one to really show myself friendly but still–in spite of that–God has seen fit to fill my life with friends.–

Well, I’m off to bed. Going to prop myself up on fresh white pillows and snuggle under my fluffy white down comforter, the ceiling fan gently whirring….Martha curled happily at my feet…a good mystery in my hand and tea at my fingertips. Who can ask for more!? I’m just going to crash for awhile. Write more later! Love you!


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Saturday Afternoon

What a time we had this morning in the Columbus ladies conference. Three got the Holy Ghost and another was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ just the way Peter instructed in Acts 2 verse 38. The Spirit of the Lord moved and brought healing and deliverance to many.

I just love the folks down  here! They are so sweet and–although this was their first conference–it was done professionally and seemed more like a national conference instead of regional. These ladies worked so hard and are very gifted and talented. And best of all they love the Lord with all their hearts. A true multi-cultural church.

Now….to get some rest before going out to supper tonight… more later.

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I have a small doorstop-alarm to put underneath motel doors when I travel. (I had someone come barging in on me once) Last night, in the middle of the night, that thing goes off and wakes me up out of a deeeeeeeeeeep sleep. I sat up in bed, What is THAT????

Well, had to turn it off because it seemed to have a mind of its own, and that was “ON.” Took me ages to get back to sleep but the Lord is good and I feel rested this morning for the conference. I hear that churches are bringing in bus loads of hungry ladies, and excitement is running high here.  After I finish my coffee, I’ll head off to my book table and start on the festivities of the day! My heart is heavy for these ladies, and praying that they will each get what they need from the Lord.

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Strange Links on my blog

I have been noticing some strange links on my blog that I did NOT put here. Things like Ramadan and Indulgence, etc. I am trying to figure out how to delete these things. Until I do, I want anyone who come to my site to know that this is NOT something that Lynda Doty wants, or has added to this blog! I would suggest that you just ignore them until I can find a way to handle this.

Thank you for understanding and being patient with this old lady who is not a techie!

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It’s Friday! Time to Work!

Slept pretty well last night even though I was keyed up. I took a book and crawled into bed and pretty soon, I was dozing off. Seems like the older I get the harder it is to sleep. When I can sleep for two straight hours, I think that’s great, as long as I can go back to sleep.

Well, time to pack and start heading out of here. Martha is not a happy camper. I always wait to the last minute to bring my suitcase out because she  jumps into it and refuses to budge, and I know she is unhappy because she knows I’m leaving again. We have had problems with her ever since she and her sister were separated about four years ago. For some reason, Martha has never fully recovered from that loss. She is a very “high maintenance” cat. In addition to requiring MUCH love and attention, she also has to receive her medications twice a day. We have never been able to pill her so she gets a special mixture to put inside her ear.

I do hope you’ll keep me in prayer this weekend as I minister in Columbus, GA. Sis. Karen will be driving, and we’re heading out in a couple of hours. There’s a dinner tonight, then I’ll be ministering at a ladies deal tomorrow, and twice on Sunday. Pray for our traveling mercies and also the services.

I will have my iPhone and my Dell with me if you need to write, but I never have much time on these trips. I am thinking today how tremendously blessed I am to be doing the Lord’s work the way I am. What did I ever deserve to have God use me like this? I get so torn between wanting to be a full-time Grandmother and continuing in a traveling ministry.

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Better Late than Never!

Folks have been “after me” to start blogging and I have just kept putting it off. After all, it is a huge undertaking (for me) and a large commitment (for me).  Well, today I am taking the plunge! Now, your job is to pray for me, that I am able to get with the program and stay with it. Soooooo many things going on, it’s easy to get distracted!

I suppose one thing that has prevented my getting this blog is the question: Who on earth isinterested!? Who would even read it? In other words…who cares? Well, in case there are one or two out there, let me know….here goes…..I shall return! case you’re wondering what LADAWP means, it is the initials for my name, Lynda Allison Doty, and website, A Woman’s Place.

Doty cover

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Now, today…..

Things are a little raggedy around here today. I am already ‘way behind, and now I have to get ready for a ministry trip. I will be in Columbus, GA this weekend. If you need to track me down, I’ll be at the

The Church of Columbus
2001 Double Churches Rd
Columbus, Georgia 31909

They are having a Ladies Conference on Saturday, and I am scheduled to speak at 10:45 a.m. The pastor has asked me to stay over and minister in the Sunday morning and Sunday evening services, so that’s where I’ll be. Sis. Karen will be driving me down, and I’m so thankful! In this case, it is far faster to DRIVE than to FLY! It is also much easier when one has to haul as many books as I do–deciding which of 16 books to ship ahead, and how many, can be a daunting task. This way we can just take what we want. No extra charges!

The Church of Columbus is reaching out to the hurting and lost in their community and I am thankful to be a part of this.

So I will be home Monday evening, ready to kick back, feet up, chill down. Keep my husband and Martha in your prayers. They both miss me so much when I’m away. But I miss them too! Bro. Doty and I start singing to each other even before I leave: “I miss you already and you’re not even gone….” It would be heavenly if Bro. Doty could travel me but since his illness last year, he has not been able.

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